Founded 1919
Headquarters Imola, Italy

Company Profile

Sacmi is a multinational group manufacturing machines and complete plants for the Ceramics, Packaging (Beverage and Closures&Containers), Food and Automation industries. The group holds well-established positionson international markets.

The Sacmi Group has over 80 companies in 28 countries, production plants, distribution firms and service ones controlled by the parent company in Imola. Over 89% of Group sales come from exports.

The Sacmi Group provides assistance and services all over the world thanks to a companies global Network on every continent.

Products / Technology

Sacmi’s Packaging division, through its Beverage and Closures&Containers Business Units, provides customers with both individual machines and complete "turn-key" plants, offering a vast range of beverage packaging solutions covering:

  • Bottling
  • Closures
  • PET performs
  • Automatic buffer
  • Blowing
  • Plastic containers-CBF
  • Filling
  • Conveying systems and automation
  • Labelling
  • End-of-line automation
  • Form-Fill-Seal


Nine unemployed men from Imola founded the cooperative in 1919. The founders were Luigi Santandrea, Filiberto Gamberini, Tiepolo Castaldi, Paolo Nonni, Giovanni Bartoli, Guido Selvatici, Vincenzo Franceschelli, Aldo Galassi and Armando Panari. Panari was from Mordano the others were from Imola They formed the Società Anonima Cooperativa Meccanici Imola from which comes the acronym SACMI.It began activity as a mechanical workshop engaged in general construction and repair. Its first administrator was a former mayor of Imola.

Today, after many years of manifold activities, Sacmi is concentrating on the "core" businesses (ceramics, packaging).Thanks to the expansion of the IPS (injection preform moulding) platform range that Sacmi was able to demonstrate its flexibility in different sectors and with different technologies for the Beverage market in order to satisfy the requirements of its partners, while enhancing the compression technology with which Sacmi revolutionised the international closure market. In this sector efforts and resources are concentrated both on developing caps and containers that are increasingly thinner and performing, as well as on making the technical and technological offer even more competitive (by reducing the cycle times with innovative mould cooling solutions). This is all accompanied by investments for the expansion and technological upgrade of the 360° quality inspection and control systems, both on the line as well as in the laboratory. Solutions that were initially developed for controlling labelled containers have been extended to other steps of the packaging-beverage chain, from preforms to decorated metal caps, and even to Cube Eye for the 3D X-ray inspection of caps-bottles.

In addition to a greater focus on its core businesses, the company is also concentrating on a targeted acquisition policy, such as the 2014 acquisition of Cosmec, a company in Vicenza specialised in automated brick handling solutions. A farsighted operation that is able to provide a decisive impetus to the Group's position in the Heavy Clay industry, also thanks to the commercial and productive synergy with Gaiotto Automation, the Group company specialised in the design of process automation solutions.

In addition, other activities continued in order to operate in a widespread manner, near our markets and customers around the world: this is reflected by our decision, for example, in 2014 to centralise the Beverage sales management as well as to make new investments in emerging countries and areas with the consolidation of three companies established in Africa – which is the result of a forward-looking decision taken at the end of 2013 after years of intense commercial and technological penetration work to invest in a continent with such enormous potential, also in terms of development of new well-being for the local communities.


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