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miho Inspektionssysteme GmbH
Founded 1977
Founder Dipl. Ing. Michael Horst
Headquarters Ahnatal, Germany
Website www.miho.de

Company Profile

Founded in 1977 by Dipl. Ing. Michael Horst miho Inspektionssysteme GmbH has developed to a global, medium sized company and is one of the leading providers of inspection technology in the beverage filling industry and return logistics since then.

Miho has set standards for the inspection of returnable PET bottles for the entire filling process. For example, the entire thread area, including the vent slots, are checked for damage and contamination. With mihos inspection systems it is possible to find stress cracks on the bottle-base, which can lead to leaks. Even markings that have been made with permanent markers, that are not completely removed in the bottle washer which are very difficult to detect, can now be detected reliably. Many more features offer integrated solutions that have not been available in this way before. But miho also sets new standards for the inspection of glass bottles and swing top bottles over the entire filling process. The sensitive side finish areas are inspected up to the thread segment, including a "full thread inspection" for foreign bodies, cracks, bursts, contamination and similar faults.

Products / Technology

  • Bottle sorting systems
  • Empty bottle inspection
  • Filler monitoring
  • Filler cap control
  • End-of-line and label-inspection
  • Sealing inspection
  • Crate & Pack inspection
  • Conveyor control and container transport
  • Software


  • 1977 - founded by Dipl. Ing. Michael Horst
    • development of HF residual liquid inspection unit
  • 1980 - sidewall inspection using phototransistors
  • 1983 - fill level inspection unit via HF measurement technology
  • 1988 - sidewall inspection via CCD camera
  • 1992 - dual sidewall inspection with 90° coverage
  • 1994 - development of the empty bottle inspector miho David
  • 1997 - founding of miho China
  • 2000 - development of the conveyor control system miho Pascal
  • 2006 - founding of miho Nigeria
  • 2008 - development of the empty bottle inspector miho David 2
  • 2014 - development of the 360° fully equipped bottle inspection unit miho Allround
  • 2015 - development of the David 2 system upgrades OpAL, FSI, RFID
  • 2016 - David 2 system upgrades, especially for PET bottles
  • 2017 - David 2 outer seam edge inspection, clapper inspection
    • launch of the miho Gauss family – empty crate inspection, packing inspection unit, full crate inspection unit


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