MacDermid Performance Solutions
Founded 1922
Number of employees
5.000 (2015)

Company Profile

MacDermid Performance Solutions has established a growing legacy of creating technological advances that lead to improved manufacturing and lower production costs for clients globally. From our humble beginnings in the late 19th century to its worldwide expertise today, companies in the electronics, PET & plastics recycling ,graphic arts, metal & plastic plating, offshore oil production and drilling markets have used our innovation as a critical advantage – relying on us to help them succeed now and in the future.

MacDermid Enthone Industrial Solutions innovates and manufactures chemical compounds for all surface coating applications. Our products improve the durability and aesthetics of both metal and plastic surfaces. End use applications for our treatments include PET & plastic recycling, aerospace, automotive, electronics, luxury goods, oil / gas and sanitary fittings. In these industries, MacDermid Enthone is the supply chain partner who adds value to your business.

Facts and Figures

  • Founded in 1922
  • Facility in 50 Countries
  • 5.000 Employees
  • Global Sales and Service Structure
  • 4 R&D Centres Spread Throughout the World


MacDermid Chemicals are a vital component in the recycling PET process. Typically after collection the used containers are washed to remove labels and residues, ground into flake then sorted (by floating / sinking) to remove other plastics such as polypropylene and polyethylene. It is at the washing stage that MacDermid chemicals are used to aid the recycling process:

Cleaners and Additives

  • Cleaners and additives to remove glues, labels and organic residues
  • Dedicated formulations for different washing technologies, strong foam control properties with a wide range in temperature application.

Enhancing Plastics separation

  • We provide different technologies which enhance the separation of PET from other light plastics.
  • Our products have inherent foam control properties and the capacity to neutralise the alkaline drag-out.

Defoamers and antifoam

  • MacDermid PET antifoam technology incudes a wide range of chemical bases which are designed and optimized for each application specific needs.

Cleaning Solution and reconditioning

  • Additives dedicated to reduce the suspended solid and COD pollution into washing and prewashing solutions.
  • These specialty products do not interfere with the effectiveness of the organic cleaner additives.

Equipment maintenance

  • Inhibited descaling products for periodic internal plant maintenance.
  • Our products are specific to remove both alkaline and hardness scale from stainless steel structures, internal pipes and the vibrating screens.

Coating Strippers

  • Booster water soluble solvent additives to enhance the solution stripper properties.
  • The removal of coating or paints from plastic substrates

HDPE/PP or Other Plastics

  • Cleaners and additives dedicated to the recycling stream of other plastics like HDPE or PP.
  • Suitable for generic uses or food contact applications.


  • MacDermid started developing chemical specialties, dedicated to plastics recycling, in 1993 in Italy
  • The first project of chemical washing technologies, was made in cooperation with the Italian consortium Replastic (nowadays COREPLA).
  • Nowadays MacDermid has a dedicate structure to plastic recycling industry

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