Founded 1963
Headquarters Ankara, Turkey

Company Profile

The company is active in the packaging industry since 1963 and started in 2004 to serve the beverage industry under the name AL-CAP. Since then, AL-CAP’s caps have became widely known in the market for their quality and high level of standards.

At the moment AL-CAP is providing beverage companies with plastic, metal and aluminum caps in over 20 countries worldwide.

AL-CAP is an approved supplier of well known bottlers world wide with 9001 Quality Management System Certificate; FSCC 22000 Food Safety System Certification; OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System and 14001 Environmental Management Systems.

Products / Technology

  • Plastic caps and closures
  • Plastic handles
  • Metal crown cork
  • aluminum screw caps



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