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Parle Agro
Headquarters Mumbai, India
Key people
Executive Chairman Prakash Chauhan; CEO Shauna Chauhan
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Company Profile

Parle Agro is a beverage and preform manufacturer and has been creating innovative products and iconic brands since 1985. Parle Agro is the largest Indian beverage company and is headquartered in Mumbai, employing more than 4000 people.

The company is fastest-growing as a beverage enterprise and continues to adopt new strategies and innovative initiatives in order to connect with their consumers. A large part of our growth strategy is driven by sales and distribution and the company‘s manufacturing capabilities. Today Perle Agro has a network of 84 state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and retails their products across 1.8 million outlets through a network of 5000+ Channel Partners along with an international presence in over 50 countries.

Parle Agrooperates under three major businesses:

  • Beverages – fruit drinks, nectars, juice, sparkling drinks
  • Water – packaged drinking water
  • Foods – confectionery, snacks

In 1996 Parle Agro also diversified into production of PET preforms when the company adopted the concept of ‘backward integration’, making Parle Agro the only beverage company in India to manufacture its own PET Preforms. Its customers include companies in the beverages, edible oil, confectionery and pharmaceutical segments. Starting with manufacturing at 2,100 MT in 1996 is now a 53,000 MT annual production – making Parle Agro one of the largest companies to purchase and convert PET resin into preforms of international standards.

Parle Agro is a one stop shop for PET preforms. The company provides an expansive and elaborate range of PET preforms that optimizes the design and grammage to best suit the bottle stretch ratios. With years of experience in manufacturing for multiple industries and their requisite PET containers, Parle Agro is equipped with the technical and material aptitude to provide for an array of designs and needs.

As of 2019 the company is equipped with twelve state-of-the-art facilities, each enhanced with various ranges of Husky, SIPA, and Krauss-Maffei from Canada, Italy, and Germany respectively. Parle Agro has expanded from their first manufacturing unit at Silvassa to manufacturing facilities in Khurda and Sitarganj. The company produced preforms for renowned companies and several prominent brands, revolutionizing design development and grammage selection since 1996. Parle Agro is the first companies in the Asia Pacific Region to install a 180 cavity machine.

Parle Agro offers a wide range of high-quality preforms in a variety of configurations and grammages. The company‘s processes are completely automated with no human interference at any stage. Adapting to the contemporary market requirements has led Parle Agro to focus solely on creating preform for packaged drinking water and beverages.

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