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Founded 1976
Website www.rdleverage.com

Company Profile

R&D/Leverage is a manufacturer and supplier of a variety of mould types for the food and beverage, personal care, and healthcare markets. The company has its headquarters in Lees Summit, Missouri, USA and a facility in Europe (UK). In order to offer customized solutions, the company applies a "Structural development"-approach.

Products / Technology

R&D/Leverage is capable of supplying a variety of mould types for the food and beverage, personal care, and healthcare markets. Their product range includes: R&D / Leverage USA

  • Precision injection mouls
  • Preform tooling
  • Injection stretch-blow moulds
  • Injection blow moulds
  • Blow mould tooling

R&D / Leverage Europe

  • Injection Stretch Blow Moulds
  • ISBM Product Solution Laboratory


R&D Tool and Engineering was founded in 1976 by Ivan and Ardith Drienik as a job shop serving the tool and die markets. In 1978, they purchased property in Lee’s Summit, Missouri and built a 9,900 square foot building which has grown into a campus with 170,000ft² of floor space.

In the mid 1980’s, R&D was heavily involved in the plastics industry; designing and building custom injection tools, ISBM, SBM, and extrusion blow moulds. In 1995, Ivan and Ardith purchased DK Mould in Sutton In Ashfield, Nottinghamshire, England. The new UK division of R&D quickly became proficient in injection stretch blow tooling where they have doubled in size to 32,000ft².

Since the mid 90’s, the US facility has offered prototype services, IBM, preform moulds, and on-site product development for custom injection, ISBM, SBM, IBM, and extrusion blow moulds.

The new millennium added medical injection moulds, CD/DVD/Blu Ray moulds and aerospace components to the US team, and an expanded Product Solutions Laboratory for the UK facility. Leverage is the creative design studio added to facilitate consumer research, and create brand building manufacturable product and package designs.


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