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Company Profile

CAPrint is a Swiss high-tech company which is specialized in high-speed digital printing solutions for fast movable consumer goods. The company‘s system solution is state of the art and designed to run 24/7 in production environment. CAPrint is a spin-off of IMD Ltd. and is using the Sorter and Vision Control Center from IMDvista (former IMDvista CLDP). The print engine and ink is from the company Hapa to close the loop of the swiss partnership.

Products / Technology

The company produces the CAPrint CP1.0 digital printing system, which is flexible in format & design, offers easy operation and fast change-over of formats and designs. The system is printing in high quality CMYK.

The CAPrint CP1.0 is a complete solution for digital closure printing with a integrated inspection system and an efficient way of printing closures, precise and flexible.

The benefits of the system are high flexibility, faster change-over, less waste, less inventory, faster time-to-market and the inks are compliant with Nestlé positive list

  • high speed CMYK printing up to 1500 closures per minute
  • high speed inspection camera
  • high printing quality up to 720 dpi
  • touch interface
  • automated ink handling (cleaning and conserving)
  • powerful software for high operational reliability
  • Hapa low migration ink, which is passed SM according EU 10/2011



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