Kiefer Werkzeugbau


Kiefer Werkzeugbau GmbH
Founded 1987
Founder Ulrich Kiefer
Headquarters Schwaigern, Germany

Company Profile

KIEFER Werkzeugbau GmbH is an independent mold manufacturer and component partner to the packaging industry and manufactures thermoforming tools as well as for special order-specific molds for the production of cups, bowls , lids and other forms of packaging, as well as prototypes, production tooling, tools for form-fill-seal lines, full size sets, strip cuts and stacking units for almost all common thermoforming machines.

KIEFER was founded in 1987 by Ulrich Kiefer, and became a specialist in manufacturing tools in the plastics transformation field. The company works hand in hand with their clients to get ideas to the final tool to find innovative solutions for packaging problems, crossing the thermoforming field, injection molding and PET blow molds.

Products / Technology

  • Thermoforming
    • film and thin gauge molds
    • boards and heavy gauge molds
    • standard tools / automation
    • prototyping
    • plug assist technology
  • Blow molds
    • research and development
    • innovative design
    • prototyping and testing
    • running round blow molds
    • linear stretch blow machines

  • Injection molding


  • 1987 – founded by Ulrich Kiefer


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