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Founded 1977
Founder Jaime Martí
Headquarters Barberà del Vallés, Spain
Website www.posimat.com

Company Profile

POSIMAT is a leading manufacturer of handling systems for empty plastic bottles such as unscramblers, silos, air conveyor, mass conveyors, etc.  The company was founded in 1977 in Sabadell, near Barcelona in Spain, when its president, Mr. Jaime Martí, built the first POSIMAT unscrambler. Since then, POSIMAT has manufactured more than 3,800 units, which can be found across the globe.

In July 1986, POSIMAT moved to a new modern factory in Barberà del Vallés. On November 15, 1997, a new plant located on a 6,000-m2 plot was opened, also in Barberà del Vallés.

Thes two factories in Barberà del Vallés allows POSIMAT to provide its clients with silos, unscramblers, air conveyors, depalletizers and the complete production operation from the blower to the filler.

The companys headquarters are at the service of customers throughout Europe, Asia, Oceania and Africa.

In 1991 POSIMAT established a headqurter in the USA. The american headquarters are located in Miami, Florida. The 2,750 m2 premises include a sales department, a showroom and an after-sales department, in addition to the air conveyor manufacturing plant.

POSIMAT has a worldwide sales network backed up by its own local services, or combined with local agents, to provide an immediate service. 

Products / Technology

  • Unscramblers
  • Silos
  • Conveyors
  • Orientors
  • Depalletizers
  • Box Dumpers


  • 1977 - POSIMAT unscrambler
  • 1983 - ultra-rapid format change and the automatic rejection system for defective bottles
  • 1985 - MICRO unscrambler model for small bottles in the pharmaceutical industry
  • 1986 - establishes POSIMAT, S.A.
  • 1987 - linear orientor GIRAMAT
  • 1989 - POSIGRAF unscrambler for the silk-screening industry
  • 1990 - depalletizer DEPEMAT designed to deliver plastic bottles to the unscrambler
  • 1990 - POSIMASTER unscrambler
  • 1992 - POSITUBE unscrambler for plastic tubes
  • 1993 - MASTER unscrambler, POSIPUCKS unscrambler
  • 1994 - TWIN-MASTER and TRI-MASTER unscramblers
  • 1995 - N unscrambler in the ACCESS series
  • 1996 - POSIMAX unscrambler
  • 1997 - bottle air conveyor POSIJET, twin-body ACCESS BI unscrambler for large productions with a POSITRANS output conveyor
  • 1998 - POSIFLEX unscrambler system with an instantaneous and automatic format change for any type of bottle
  • 1999 - POSI-SWITCH a simplification of the previous system used for cylindrical bottles, POSISILO silo for super-light PET bottles
  • 2001 - POSIJET-CANS aligner for aluminium cans
  • 2002 – MULTICHUTE high-speed unscrambler, BOX DUMPER
  • 2004 - VERTIJET air conveyor, POSIPHARMA unscrambler designed for pill bottles
  • 2006 - MONOCHUTE high speed unscrambler
  • 2008 - MASTER-H unscrambler, POSIJET-AIR-CUSHION conveyor


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