Headquarters Salles-d’Angles, France

Company Profile

COMPETEK provides a full range of packaging services, high quality moulds, changeover parts, no matter what the customer’s platform with a new approach to fully support each customer in the evolution of their production line.

In the evolving sector of the packaging industry, Brand Owners, Manufacturers and Co-Packers are facing significant challenges and transformations. More than ever they need to be able to rely on quick, high-performance solutions. Solutions for sustainable packaging without impacting on performance, that helps them achieve packaging optimization while allowing for fast, simple implementation on existing production lines.

COMPETEK is brand new company but it has a long history as it originates from the union of two companies with more than 20 years’ experience in the field: PET Engineering and COMEP.

COMPETEK combines the years of experience in industrialization and mechanical expertise of the companies PET Engineering and Comep, with the innovation-driven mindset of a team to provide customers with tailored solutions for their business, production and packaging needs. Dynamic flexibility provides innovative solutions for Food, Beverage, Cosmetic and Home Care containers, implemented on COMPETEK'S customers' production lines and ensuring high quality standards.

The companys experts support customers in making sure that bottle and preforms can optimally perform under real-world conditions. These experts study the technical and commercial qualification of the PET bottle, to make sure all specifications are respected. Then, verifying the quality of the mould, testing the pilot mould manufactured internally and resulting bottles. All the tests are carried out with avant-garde equipment in COMPETEK's certified laboratory.

COMPETEK also provides full solutions, from the engineering to the conversion of complete lines. The company's experts produce PET blow moulds and customized parts that fit most OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) blowers and complete lines on the market. The COMPETEK range of moulds has been developed to suit every need. Meaning customers can benefit from an array of sizes, from 100 mL to 30 L as well as numerous shapes and texture options. The moulding surface is manually polished the to give it a mirror-like appearance, and an external treatment is applied for improved hardness with a suitable anodizing process. Extensive expertise and control systems serve as a guarantee for customer's mould quality.

With 20 years of experience in the industry, COMPETEK's experts have the know how in line conversion processing to design and manufacture components for most of the machinery on the market. Thanks to this expertise, customers won't have to deal with a range of suppliers to implement and handle a new packaging solution.


  • Packaging Development
    • Preform Services
      • Dimension and quality control tests
      • Material quality control tests
    • Bottle Development
      • Dimension and quality control check
      • Recycled material tests
  • Prototyping & Laboratory
  • Moulds & Line Conversion
  • Support



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