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Lightweight Containers
Headquarters Den Helder, Netherlands

Company Profile

The company Lightweight Containers BV is the innovator of the KeyKeg and UniKeg system.
Headquartered in Den Helder, the Netherlands and with the US office located in Chicago, the KeyKeg and UniKeg kegs are manufactured on four production lines in the USA, the Netherlands, UK and Germany. Currently (2019) a fifth production line in Spain is being prepared.
As an innovative family business, Lightweight Containers BV has a keen eye for the environment in all its activities.

Lightweight Containers markets and sells their products without the intervention of agents or distributors. By listening to the wishes and ambitions of their customers Lightweight translate these information into applications and actions.

The company is a family business with an innovative entrepreneurial culture, looking towards the long term and the success of their customers.

Lightweight Containers expects their partners to collaborate in an innovative and committed manner on the world’s best plastic kegs. Together with their suppliers the company works with the most modern technologies, materials and machinery in order to reduce the environmental impact of their products even further and monitor this with the most modern environmental management software. The long term aim is, that KeyKegs and UniKegs will have zero impact on nature and the environment.

Products / Technology


  • Each KeyKeg is equipped with patented Double Wall™ and Bag-in-Ball™ technology. The advanced valve technology grants high speed filling and also separates the propellant from the beverage. Keykeg is able to withstand the most rigorous testing in relation to safety and preserving the quality of drinks.


  • UniKeg, in addition to the Double Wall™ technology, uses a spear and conventional fitting. Each UniKeg is therefore very reliable, sturdy and safe. UniKegs can be recycled and consists of over 30% recycled materials.


  • 2006 - Launch of KeyKeg Baseline
  • 2007 - KeyKeg Baseline production begins
  • 2010 - further refinement of the company‘s sustainability vision and policy and implementation of the circular economy
  • 2011 - Double Wall™ invention
  • 2012 - New generation of disposable kegs
    • Automated manufacturing and assembly
    • Start of manufacturing and assembly of the KeyKeg 20 and 30 in Den Helder, the Netherlands
  • 2013 - office in Chicago, USA opened
  • 2014 - developing a variant of the KeyKeg PET keg with a conventional dip tube and fitting technology, as an addition to the range
  • 2015 - Construction and start-up of a new KeyKeg production and assembly line in Joliet, Illinois, USA
    • KeyKeg 10 litre is launched and production begins in Den Helder
  • 2016 - Launch of UniKeg
    • production site in Joliet (US) is extended with a UniKeg production and assembly section
    • KeyKeg Baseline is removed from production following years of major successes and the plant in Schwerin is dismantled
    • New Lightweight Containers headquarters opens and warehouse in Den Helder is extended
    • Construction and start of new production line for KeyKeg and UniKeg in Groß Breitenbach, Germany
  • 2017 - Lightweight Containers expands its global coverage of warehouses with branches in Bologna (Italy) and Melbourne (Australia). Lightweight Containers prepares new production lines on two new sites in Europe
  • 2018 - Construction and start of new production line for KeyKeg and UniKeg in Seaham, UK
    • Announcement UniKeg A fitting
    • Announcement Non alcoholic fitting
    • Announcement Draft on the go
    • Start of the collaboration OneCircle,
  • 2019 - Construction and start of new production line for KeyKeg and UniKeg in Guadalajara, Spain


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