Serac Group
Founded 1969
Headquarters La Ferté-Bernard, France
Number of employees
580 (2016)

Company Profile

Serac group is a privately owned company with its headquarters located in La Ferté-Bernard, France and a worldwide presence. The company designs, assembles and provides packaging solutions (machines and lines) to industrial companies and end-users.

For the PET sector, Serac offers solutions for PET bottle manufacturing, filling and capping. More than 5 000 machines have been installed in more than 100 countries.

2015 Sales turnover: 114 MioE (90Mio€ 2012) (70% machines; 30% services)

4 key sales areas:

Serac comprises of 11 commercial offices located in France, Brazil, USA, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Russia, Japan, China, Spain, England and 6 factories in France, Brazil, U.S.A. and Malaysia.

  • Serac Inc is responsible for North and Central America
  • Serac Do Brasil is responsible for South America
  • Serac SAS and Nova are responsible for Europe, the Middle-East and Africa
  • Serac Asia is responsible for Asia and the Pacific


  • Packaging manufacturing: Serac expertise in bottle manufacturing is the result of a strategic move initiated in 2010 when a stake in Agami (PS and PP bottle manufacturing) was acquired. In 2013 Serac introduced its first PET bottle blowing machine.
  • Packaging decontamination: Container decontamination systems for Serac’s ultra-clean and aseptic filling machines. Serac designs and/or integrates container decontamination and closing
  • Filling: Machine manufacturing for bottle filling with liquid products and has more recently acquired expertise in food product filling in preformed cups.
  • Capping: Machine manufacturing to seal and cap bottles or containers
  • Turnkey lines: Turnkey lines in collaboration between Serac’s skilled engineers and their partners, specialized in the production of specific line components (conveyors, palletizers, labellers, …). for customized solutions, from container filling to palletizing.
  • Life cycle services: Serac provides support and advice in engineering, installation and commissioning, preventive maintenance, retrofits, upgrades, training, tooling, performance enhancing, spare parts…


Main markets are

  • dairy products,
  • edible oil
  • home and personal care products


  • 1969 - The French engineer Jean-Jaques Graffin founds Serac
  • 1972 - Serac introduces its first rotary filli8ng machine (for fresh milk)
  • 1978 - Serac introduces the first electronic weight filling machine at Interpack, Düsseldorf
  • 1982 - Serac introduces aseptic filling machine for UHT
  • 1988 - Creation of Serac Aseptic in France
  • 2004 - Serac acquires Nova (Food-filling in preformed-cups) in France
  • 2013 - Serac introduces its first PET bottle blowing machine, created inhouse
  • 2014 - Serac acquires Agami in France (Roll N Blow Process for PP and PS bottle manufacturing)


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