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Urola S.C.L.
Headquarters Legazpi, Spain
Website www.urolasolutions.com

Company Profile

The Urola Group consists of Urola Solutions and Urola Packaging.

Urola Solutions designs and creates solutions for the manufacturing of containers via blow moulding technology whereas Urola Packaging supplies containers made by different blow moulding technologies for the food and non food industries.

The machinery division Urola Soultions manufactures rotary extrusion blow moulding systems for the of HDPE, PP containers and stretch blow moulding machines with a compact design for stretch blow moulding of PET containers.

Urola Solutions covers the entire process of bottle design, mould manufacturing and sample production.

In order to ensure optimal equipment functioning throughout the product’s service life, the company offers after sales service for their customers.

Urola Packaging manufacture packages both by extrusion-blowing and by stretch-blowing, as well as standard packages and custom designs and works in synergy with the Machinery Division which allows to always have the best technical resources thereby obtaining a better product.

Products / Technology

  • extrusion blow moulding systems (rotary and shutle)
  • stretch blow moulding
  • all electric extrusion blowmoulding
  • blow moulding packages
  • industry 4.0 services: Digitalization and cloud servitization


Urola was founded in 1980. These 40 years of expereince have given great knowledge value to the enterprise and its employees. The enterprise is a cooperative, in which its workers are the owners of the business and therefore, the average years of work at Urola is far past the 20 years.


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