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LONZApet Polska sp. z o.o.
Founded 1956
Headquarters Gdańsk, Poland
Website www.lonza.com.pl

Company Profile

The company Lonzapet was founded in 1956, specialized in processing of plastics. Since 1991 the company shifted their expertise to the production of blow moulds for manufacturing PET containers and preform injection mould parts, supplying companies around the world.

Application of the newest programmes and the use of modern CNC machinery ensure the highest quality of the company‘s products and enables Lonzapet meeting any request of their clients and makes the company a comprehensive partner for companies working in beverage and PET production industry worldwide.

Lonzapet produces complete blow moulds suitable for use with rotary as well as linear blow moulding machines like Krones, KHS, Sipa, Sidel, Kosme, ADS, Siapi and others. Part of the production process is the analysis of blow moulds versus bottle design and the expertise according to technical parameters. Blowing simulations provide a guarantied blowing process. Another part of Lonzapet‘s business is the production of extrusion blow moulds and auxiliary parts for PP and HDPE containers for Bekum, Techne, Magic and other extrusion blow moulding machines and the complete tooling production and assistance with bottle neck conversions.

Additionally Lonzapet is able to adjust blow moulding machines to run with other thread finishes (mandrels, grippers and all necessary parts for thread changeover) and conversions on filling, rinsing, capping and labelling machines.

Lonzapet also produces hot runner parts such as nozzle tips , valve stems, pistons, e.g.

Comprehensive bottle design service rounds off the services. From conceptual project, sketch and idea of the shape through 3D mock-ups, prototyping and the final PET bottle.

Products / Technology

  • Blow Moulds
  • PET Preform mould parts
  • Bottle design
  • Analysis and Optimization



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