Aero Fibre


Aero Fibre
Founder Virendra Jain, Chairman; Ankit Jain, Managing Director
Headquarters Mumbai, India
Number of employees

Company Profile

Aero Fibre was founded by Virendra Jain and his son Ankit Jain in Mumbai, India. Aerofibre is market leader in India in PET recycled products, synthetic roofing & carpet backing and is fully committed to sustainable manufacturing.

Aero Fibre is made up of four companies: DiamondPET Flakes, AeroFibre - RPSF, ZeroLeak Liners, Superback Carpet Backing.

DiamondPET Flakes

PET flakes made from recycled PET bottles 23 bottles recycled per second.

AeroFibre - RPSF

Recycled Hollow Conjugate Fibre with a bulky property, high resilience and light weight which is generated through three dimensional helical structured and permanent crimp. Recycled Hollow Fibre is a good and cheap substitute for Hollow Conjugate fibre. Due to the C-Type core in the center of each fibre, it has more bounce properties than Polyester Solid Fibres.

ZeroLeak Liners

Roofing Synthetic Underlayment for fast and easy installation with printed overlap lines and fastening points. Geomembrane / Pondliners with superior durability and strength for a longer life. 12,000 MT p.a. polymer processing capacity.

Superback Carpet Backing

Production of carpet backings as an integral foundation for many types of carpets and turf. Production capacity of 16.8 million square meters of carpet backing per year.


  • PET flakes
  • Recycled Hollow Conjugate Fibre
  • Recycled Hollow Fibre
  • Roofing Synthetic Underlayment
  • Carpet backings



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