Creative Blow Mold Tooling


Creative Blow Mold Tooling
Founded 1984
Founder Bortolo Bertolaso
Headquarters Lee's Summit, USA

Company Profile

Since 1984 Creative Blow Mold tooling has been designing, manufacturing, and repairing blow molds for all types of blow mold technologies. The company began with a focus on the design, manufacture, and repair of tooling for the blow mold industry.

From concept to finished products, Creative delivers innovative quality and is specialized in plastic blow molds and plastic bottle mold tooling. The company works closely with customers from the initial concept and product design through the creation of high quality blow molded parts in their customers plant.

Today Creative manufactures tooling for many of North America’s top blow molders. A team of engineers, programmers, machinists, and tool makers are highly experienced in every phase of building the tooling necessary to produce high quality blow molded parts.

The design/engineering staff has over 75 years of combined experience in the blow mold industry. Creative‘s engineers have expertise in 3D product design and modeling, mold & tool design, molding experience, and project management.


  • 3D Scanning
  • 5 Axis machining
  • Simulation
  • Mold repair & maintenance

Products / Technology

The molds are built for a number of different molding processes including shuttle, rotary wheel, reciprocating screw, and stretch blow molds. Whether the customer is molding thousands or millions of bottles, Creative manufactures precision molds for accuracy, aesthetics, product uniformity, and long life.

Various plastic materials are used for their respective advantages. Common materials used in Creative‘s molds include HDPE, PET, Polypropylene, PVC, and Polycarbonate.

The company machines their molds to finish wherever possible, minimizing polishing for better productivity, accuracy, and consistency. Beryllium copper and hardened tool steel inserts are used in critical areas for durability and improved thermal transfer.

  • Food 6 beverage
  • Household chemicals
  • Personal care
  • Industrial parts
  • Motor oil
  • industrial chemicals
  • Ag chemicals
  • Medical



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