Cypet Technologies Ltd
Founded 1968
Founder M. Sideris
Headquarters Dali, Nicosia, Cyprus

Company Profile

Cypet Technologies is selling machinery and materials for plastics and packaging. Cypet Technologies has designed, developed, tested and commercialized eight machine models, for the production of PET bottles and jars, applying its own technology, which has been patented globally. The company is located in Dali, Nicosia, Cyprus.

Following the development and testing of the machines, Cypet invested in the necessary infrastructure to support a global sales and marketing effort, including the construction of a new building and installation of equipment for machine production and testing, research and development, customer demonstrations and moulds testing.

Cypet Technologies has conceived and patented another processing method, for the production of PET preforms. This method involves a simplified post-mould-cooling system, allowing PET preform production with short cycle times on affordable equipment. The preform production method is under development and commercialization is expected soon.

Products / Technology

Single-stage PET machines

Five machine models are based on energy-saving servo-hydraulic injection technology, while the other three machine models are ‘world first’ all-electric machines ideal for clean-room applications.

Servo-hydraulic machine models

  • Cypet K 12 for bottles up to 1l and jars up to 120mm neck.
  • Cypet K 16 for bottles up to 5l and jars up to 12 mm neck.
  • Cypet K 28 for bottles up to 20l, PET drums and kegs up to 30l and jars up to 145mm neck.
  • Cypet K 38 for bottles up to 20l, PET drums and kegs up to 50l and for jars up to 180mm neck.
  • Cypet K 53 for large bottles, jars, PET drums and PET kegs up to 100l.

All-electric machine models: Cypet K 12E, K 19E and K 30E:

  • Wide-Mouth Jars of up to 120mm ∅ on the K 12E.
  • Small bottles up to 250 ml with 16 cavities on the K 19E.
  • Large Bottles of up to 20litres Capacity on the K 30E.

Preform production

In addition to single stage machinery, CypetTechnologies has developed and commercialized a new, innovative PET preform production system with a novel intensive post cooling arrangement, that makes the system particularly suitable for thick preforms (for 5 – 20 liters large bottles). The company also offers bottle and jar design and after-sales services.


Cypet Technologies is a project of M. Sideris & Son Ltd, a family business established in Cyprus in 1968.


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