Founded 1963
Founders Jobst and Waltraud Gellert
Headquarters Georgtown, Canada

Company Profile

Mold-Masters was founded by Jobst and Waltraud Gellert in Toronto, Canada in 1963.

The company is a global leader in the plastics industry, designing, manufacturing, distributing, selling and servicing highly engineered and customized plastic processing equipment and systems.

The company's hot runners, temperature controllers, auxiliary injection and co-injection systems are utilized by customers of all sizes in the entire industry, from small local manufacturers to large worldwide OEM manufacturers of the most widely recognized brands.

Over the course of Mold-Masters history, the company built a reputation on delivering the best performance through their broad range of innovative technologies, optimizing production to enhance molded part quality, increase productivity and lower part cost.

Mold-Masters patented the first commercially viable hot runner system in 1963. Today, the company's hot runner product line has expanded and represents the broadest selection of Hot Runner products from any manufacturer. Throughout their history, Mold-Masters' innovations continued to drive the plastic industry forward. The hot runner products today are engineered to ensure that customers get best performance for their application with the features valued within their industry.


  • iFLOW Manifold Technology
  • Brazed Heater Technology
  • MasterSHIELD Leak Protection Technology
  • APS (Adaptive Process System) Technology


  • Hot Runners
  • Accu Valve
  • Side Gating
  • Controllers
  • Auxiliary Injection Equipment
  • Co-Injection
  • SmartMOLD (Mold monitoring system)


  • 1963 - founded by Jobst and Waltraud Gellert in Toronto, Canada
  • 1965 - first copper alloy systems introduced
  • 1970 - introduction of the V Series
  • 1980 - first Master-Probe® System released
  • 1984 - Mold-Masters Japan opened
  • 1985 - Mold-Masters UK Controller opened
  • 1989 - Mold-Masters Europa opened
  • 1991 - Mold-Masters Academy® founded
  • 1993 - ISO 9001 certification received
    • Mold-Masters Singapore opened
  • 1995 -Dura® line of hot runners released
  • 1998 - Mold-Masters® Technology Center opened
  • 2000 - Mold-Masters Brazil opened
  • 2003 - Master-Series hot runner line launched
  • 2005 - Accu-Valve precision valve pin alignment technology is introduced
    • Mold-Masters China open
  • 2006 - Mold-Masters India Engineering opened
    • Fusion - first generation of pre-assembled, pre-wired and tested hot runner systems designed to drop-in, connect and inject
    • Mold-Masters Europa expanded manufacturing facility by 25%
  • 2008 - Mold-Masters Service Center Opens in Michigan (USA)
  • 2009 - Mold-Masters France and Spain opened
  • 2010 - E-Multi - Mold-Masters introduces auxiliary injection unit
    • MM India Manufacturing
  • 2013 - FusionG2 - second generation of drop-in systems
  • 2014 - Acquisition of Kortec Co-injection
  • 2017 - Summit-Series - most advanced hot runner system to date, designed to process the most challenging modern resins
    • Dura+ - latest generation of hot runner system for molding automotive lenses with absolute clarity
    • M-Ax Controller - Mold-Masters supports the digitalization of molds by introducing a precision servo axis motion controller
  • 2018 - E-Multi LSR - Mold-Masters lowers the barrier to entry of LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber) applications for customers by introducing a new LSR Auxiliary Injection Unit
    • TempMaster M2+ flagship temperature controller is upgraded
    • LSR Cold Deck - Mold-Masters further supports customers LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber) molding requirements through a strategic partnership with KIPE MOLDS
  • 2019 - ThinPAK-Series - new hot runner system for high pressure, thin wall packaging applications
    • Melt-CUBE EVO - evolution in advanced in-line side gate designs
    • FusionG2 Waterless Actuators - Passive Actuator Cooling Technology (PACT) to eliminate traditional cooling lines
    • SeVG+ - Servo Electric Valve Gate
    • MasterSHIELD Technology - advanced design offering enhanced leakage protection
    • TC-Connect Technology - introduction of a revolutionary new controller technology that eliminates conventional TC cables


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