Krones AG
Founded 1951
Headquarters Neutraubling, Germany
Number of employees
13,000 (2015)
Subsidiaries Kosme

Company Profile

Krones AG is a German systems supplier. It develops and constructs individual machines and entire production plants in the beverage production, bottling and packaging equipment and PET recycling sectors. Its customers include food and beverage producers, bottlers, converters and PET recycling companies.

Facts and figures

The group has its head office in Neutraubling, Bavaria. In addition to its five German production sites, Krones has more than 40 international subsidiaries. The company employs around 13,000 people worldwide.

Products and services

In the plastics technology sector, Krones covers the complete cycle of recyclable materials. With Krones machines and complete systems, PET containers are

  • produced in a stretch blow moulding process
  • cleaned, filled and capped
  • checked for different characteristics such as filling accuracy or cleanliness
  • labelled or printed directly
  • packed, palletised and stored
  • recycled in food-grade quality
  • produced and filled aseptically

In addition to its machine technology, Krones offers a range of services for PET processing companies, for example

  • the design of new PET bottles
  • the optimization of existing bottle designs as regards weight, processability or suitability for transportation

The Krones AG design team has already received a number of national and international awards for its design concepts, among others the World Beverage Innovation Award and the iF Packaging Design Award.


Krones was founded in 1951 by Hermann Kronseder. In its early years, the company specialized in the construction of labelers. From the 1960s, further machines were continually added to the range. First of all packers and fillers, later followed by other machine and technology sectors such as inspection and process technology.
Its entry into the plastics technology sector was a milestone in the company’s history. The first Contiform stretch blow moulder came onto the market in 1997. Ten years later and the five-hundredth model of this product series had already been sold.


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