Founders Fred Calhoun
Headquarters Torrance, CA, USA

Company Profile

FILTEC is a leading provider of food, beverage and pharmaceutical inspection machines and was founded in 1958. The company has offices and support in over twenty international territories and has served some of the most iconic brands on a global scale. The company‘s inspection systems are designed to increase the efficiency of their customers production line, maximizing their brands integrity and allows them to provide high quality products.

FILTEC manufactures empty and full container inspection systems for bottles, cans and PET. FILTEC‘s experts assist customers with an inspection solution that will meet all of their production needs.

In November 2013, SFW Capital Partners, a specialist investor in Analytics Tools and Related Services businesses, made a strategic investment in FILTEC, triggering a series of investments that have further strengthened FILTEC’s foundations. With new offices in Thailand and Shanghai and with new technology breaking into the market FILTEC is evolving their brand and the inspection industry.

FILTEC is working on the future of inspection which lies in advanced software capabilities, detailed line analytics, and continually advancing automation technologies.



  • Glass inspection
  • PET inspection
  • Can inspection
  • Case inspection
  • Laser coding
  • Customized inspection

Inspection types

  • Base Inspection
  • Capping Flaws
  • Filler, Seamer and Capper Management
  • Fill Level Inspection
  • Finish Inspection
  • Foreign Object Detection
  • Inner Sidewall Inspection
  • Date Code
  • Outer Sidewall Inspection
  • Pressure Detection


  • 1958 - FILTEC founded by Fred Calhoun.
  • 1959 - First patent filed for the Empty Bottle Inspector – automated inspection is born.
  • 1960s
    • First optical fill level sent to market
    • First infrared inspection technology sent to market
    • Initial rejection systems developed
  • 1970s
    • Signature gamma fill level machine launch – would go on to sell tens of thousands of units around the globe and set the standard for full bottle inspection for decades
    • First case inspector developed
    • Signature starwheel design pioneered for Empty Bottle Inspector
  • 1980s
    • First microprocessor-based imaging system launched for Finish inspection
    • First generation Omnivision sent to market
    • Brightfield for cellophane detection pioneered
    • First to market with full 360 degree inspection technology
    • First to market with pressure detection acoustic technology
  • 1990s
    • Dual diverter rejection system developed for multi-lane sorting and rejection
    • Filler management system pioneered for advanced line analytics
    • Laser coding product category launched
    • Proprietary multimedia processor card developed for high speed inspection
  • 2000s
    • Spectrovision advanced vision inspection system sent to market
    • PET laser coding premiered
    • Twist thread inspection developed
    • Touch screen user interface launched


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