Founded 1987
Headquarters Düsseldorf, Germany
Number of employees

Company Profile

PACCOR is a german company headquartered in Dusseldorf and is consider as the leading international player in the packaging industry. The company employs more than 3,700 people in 18 countries, has 18 manufacturing locations, nine sales offices, two centers for development and innovation.

The company has an extensive product portfolio that offers many sizes and different shapes for a wide variety of contents. Nevertheless, PACCOR acknowledges that some customers products require individual packaging, tailored to their specific characteristics. PACCOR finds a solution for the wishes and needs of their customers for unique shapes, materials, designs or more sustainable packaging - PACCOR's expert team of designers, engineers, testing specialists, and marketers advisers finds solutions. The products are designed and manufactured with a focus on protection, speed and efficiency, brand differentiation and visual appearance, sustainability, and customer experience.

PACCOR understands the great responsibility towards the environment considering it as their main motivation behind all of the company's activities. The company target for the future is to achieve a successful transition to a circular economy through employing constant reuse, repair, remanufacturing, and recycling in order to create a closed-circle system. Additionally, their overall goals include the creation of long-lasting and innovative packaging solutions with the main target of ensuring human well-being, protecting future generations, safeguarding valuable products in the food and non-food markets.


Packaging Solutions for

  • Customized Solutions
  • Dairy
  • Food Service
  • Fresh Food
  • Convenience Food
  • Non-Food


  • 1987 - founded as POLARCUP
  • 1999 - bought by HUTHAMAKI
  • 2010 - HUTHAMAKI sold the business to a global investor
  • 2011 - Investror merged several companies to PACCOR Group
  • 2013 - PACCOR brought to Covreris Group, operating as Coveris Rigid
  • 2018 - sold to a US private equity firm - company trades as PACCOR again
  • 2019 - spanish EDV Packaging Solutions, S.A. joins PACCOR


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