Futura Polyesters Ltd.

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Futura Polyesters Ltd.
Headquarters Mumbai, India
Number of employees
Website www.fibre2fashion.com

Company Profile

Futura Polyester is a polyester company, covering the entire range of polyesters from PET through PBT, PTT, PEN, PTN and PBN for the global markets. The `Futura’ brand produces polyesters for high end application. They work with global companies such as Pepsi, Coke, GE Plastics, Shell Chemicals, Faerchplast-Denmark, Associated Packaging Technologies – USA. Futura is committed to global quality systems ISO 9001:2000 certification for the production facilities of fibers, polymers and preforms; as well as being committed to environment, health and safety ISO 14001:1996 for the PET recycling facilities.. Futura Polyester had $140 Million Sales in fiscal year 2006-07 including exports of $ 71 Million.

Products / Technology


  • Specialty PET Resins
  • Specialty Polyester Resins


  • Polyester Tow
  • Polyester Tops
  • Lowpill Polyester
  • PSF – Cotton Spinning Systems
  • Dope Dyed Polyester Fiber
  • Crimpless Tow - Flock Products



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