Zhejiang Boretech Environmental Engineering Co. Ltd.
Founded 2005
Headquarters Zhejiang, China

Company Profile

BoReTech is an environmental equipment & plastic recycling enterprise that started business in Taiwan in 1989 that gatherd PET bottle recycling and other waste plastic recycle experience since then. After moving business to Hangzhou, China in 1994 BoReTech finally started the development and production of complete recycling systems, polyester staple fibre production and textile machines, as well as bottle-to-bottle plant services. The company belongs to the BoReTech group which was founded in 2005, Zhejiang, China. The group consists of Anshun Pettechs Fiber that produces functional polyester staple fiber, recyclesd polyester staple fiber and bi-component staple fiber. BoReTech Resource Recovrey Technology supplies food-grade rPET flakes and pellets to global brands.

Today more than 170 BoReTech recycling systems are in operation globally, recycling more than 3,600,000 tons of rPET.

The company takes comprehensive planning and provides one-to-one equipment configuration proposal. Customers are guided to choose correct market positioning and lead to produce recycled PET flakes to adapt to domestic sales or applications according to local market needs for saving unnecessary learning expenses.

Products / Technology

Recycling System

  • Super Clean PET Bottle Washing Line (500 kg/h-9000 kg/h)
  • Bottle to Fiber Production Line (15 ton/d-100 ton/d)
  • Bottle to Bottle Engineering Project (1000 kg/h output for SSP, 2000 kg/h input for washing line)


  • Bale Breaker
  • Bottle Pre-washing Machines
  • PVC Label-scraping Machines
  • Crusher
  • Horizontal Dryers
  • Turbo Washer
  • Zig-Zag Seperator
  • PURIFINES- Separete mud,sand and labels from PET fines


  • PET Baler
  • PET Flakes
  • rFibre


  • 1989 – PET bottle washing factory in Taiwan, specialised on PET bottle recycling
  • 1991 – 2nd PET recycling factory founded in Taiwanese recycling industry
  • 1994 – Business moved to Hangzhou in China and Anshun Pettechs Fiber Co., Ltd. was established
  • 2000 – Guangshun (Jiaxing) Pettech Fiber Co., Ltd. was established
  • 2004 – R&D department established to start PET bottle recycling machine design and development
  • 2005 – Zhejing BoReTech Co., Ltd. Founded in Jiaxing, China established to focus on PET recycling technology and machine manufacturing
    • 1st generation PET bottle recycling system launched
  • 2007 - 2nd generation PET bottle recycling system launched
  • 2009 - 3rd generation PET bottle recycling system launched
    • Development of fibre machine engineering business.
    • 1st bottle to PSF plant was exported to India
  • 2011 – 4th generation PET bottle recycling system launched
  • 2013 – Engineering company CTCI invested in BoReTech as a joint venture partner
    • Boretech Zhejiang Boretech Co., Ltd. in Jiaxing in China
  • 2015 - 5th generation PET bottle recycling system launched
    • Started an egineering project with 12 t/h for POY & FDY plant
  • 2016 - Renamed to "Zhejiang Boretech Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd"
  • 2017 - BoReTech Resourche Recovery Technology Co., Ltd. was established in Taiwan, specializing in the production of food-grade PET pellets.
  • 2018 - First bottle-grade PET bottle washing line by BoReTech was commissioned in Europe
  • 2019 - Super-clean PET recycling process applied to micro denier filament
    • second and third bottle-to-bottle grade washing lines were established in Indonesia and Japan
  • 2020 - Generation 6 Compact PET bottle washing system


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