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CPC - Color Plastic Chemie
Headquarters Remscheid, Germany
Website www.colorplasticchemie.de

Company Profile

Color Plastic Chemie - or CPC - is an independent family business from Remscheid, Germany known for their competence in the production of master-batches for the plastics industry.

CPC employs more than 100 people of which many have been trained in this company. The research and development labs develops innovative products that opens up new market potentials for their customers.

CPC‘s master-batches are produced locally in Remscheid, enabling the company to design all production processes efficiently which in turn ensures the quality of the products and enables to respond to their customers in short notice.

With their CPC ColorMobil, the company offers the exclusive customer service of color adjustment on site – the service is available Europe-wide. The ColorMobile ist equipped with a complete range of colours which allows to cooridinate and adjust specific colours. The master-batch will be finished in the shortest possible time. Alternatively CPC offers consulting with real samples in their ColourLounge in Remscheid.

Health protection and environmental compatibility are the guiding principles of the company‘s environmental program „Wecare“. CPC‘s pigments and dyes are without harmful heavy metals. The company‘s water treatment plant has been providing complete cooling water treatment since 1980 and fresh water is only necessary to compensate the evaporation quantities. Their hazardous material management includes the refrain from heavy metal pigments, removal of boric acid pigments and no extrusion of diaryl pigments.

Products / Technology

  • PET Crystal Batch
  • Additive-batch
  • Color-batch
  • Special batch
  • Marbling
  • Master-batch for food packaging



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