Founded 1982
Headquarters Bucheon, South Korea

Company Profile

Dong-A Precision Ind. Co., Ltd. started in 1982 as the first company in Korea to localize single stage injection stretch blow mold for the manufacture of PET bottles.

Beginning in 1980 the company began offering PET preform mould machinery for two stage process. Dong-A is ISO 9001 certified on the basis of accumulated experienced and leading innovative technology.

Today Dong-A produces molds for single stage ISBM machines but also produces water bottles. Another important part of Dong-A‘s products are the development and production of PET blow molding machines.

Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and technology inclusive of but not limited to CAD/CAM, CNC machines and a wide variety of testing equipment, Dong-A‘s products are highly regarded with their customers for quality and reliability. Furthermore, through innovative and leading technical expertise and utmost sincere dedication to fully meet the diversified demands of customers.

Products / Technology

  • Molds for One Stage ISBM machinery (mainly for Nissei ASB & Aoki machinery)
  • Packaging
    • water bottles
    • shakers
  • Machinery
    • Wide mouth PET Preform Neck Crystallizing machine
    • Heat resistant PET bottle stretch blow molding machine
    • Great volume (20 Liter) PeT Container stretch Blow molding machine
    • 70 mm neck PET Bottle Stretch Blow Molding machine


  • 1982 – founded as Dong-A Mold & Tool co., Ltd.
  • 1985 – listed as a member of Korea Die & Mold Industry Cooperative
  • 1986 – officially licensed as a Trading Company
  • 1987 – expanded operations and moved headquarter to current locations
  • 1987 - designated by the Industrial Advancement Administration as 1st class company in QC Activities
  • 1989 – expanded with a dedicated new factory building
  • 1992 – awarded the decoration of the President by the President of the Republic of Korea on order of industrial service merit of quality control activities
  • 1997 – incorporated as Dong-A Precision Ind. Co., Ltd.
  • 2000 – ISO 9001 certified
  • 2005 – established R&D Center
  • 2005 – formed Machinery Division
  • 2009 – awarded a Presidential Citation from Korean Mold Industrial Union
  • 2012 – expansion and construction of new state-of-the-art facility, headquarter relocated to new facility


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