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Arca Systems
Headquarters Marcallo, Italy

Company Profile

Arca Systems from Marcallo in Italy is a company specialized in development and production of advanced labels and sleeves for packaging, promotion, security as well as labels for durable identification, logistic labels and for special uses. Which means in short: Advanced labels and sleeves that ensure compliance with all specifications and provide the level of efficiency required for the manufacturing industry.

The company‘s ISO 9001 certified quality system covers engineering design, production and sales is based on modern production processes, inspired by theories of “lean production” and quality.

Specialized in self-adhesive labels and shrink sleeves, Arca also manufactures labeling machines.

With the design and manufacturing of both - consumables and machinery - Arca is a one-stop supplier, handling both aspects of the industry, providing project design, consulting and a comprehensive service.

Products / Technology

  • Labels and sleeves for primary embellishing on packaging
  • Promotional point of sales labels
  • Security labels anti-counterfeit and anti-fraud
  • Labels for durable identification
  • Labels for special uses
  • Logistic labels
  • Laser marking machines
  • Labeller print apply for industry
  • Label machines


Arca was founded in 1948 by Domenico Fadiga and the company began manufacturing labels, which at the time were produced in die-cut cardboard. During the ‘60s, Arca was a market leader in promoting self-adhesive labels in Italy. In 1975 Arca entered the market of labeling machinery, bolstering it with “print and apply” type labelers about a decade later and introducing thermal transfer technology. During the early 2000s, Arca began exporting machinery abroad, setting up a network of important distributors. In 2015, Arca backed up its consolidated range of labeling machinery with the design and production of industrial laser markers, enhancing and developing the marking technology range.


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