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Profile Solutions
Headquarters Dural, Australia

Company Profile

The company Profile Solutions is an australian manufacturer building leak detector and automation equipment for the global market. The export share of the company is 60% and the detectors are shipped to over twenty countries in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

The company‘s leak tesers are known for mix of speed and accuracy at a reasonable price. Profile Solutions leak testers includes the world fastest single head tester (11,000 units / hr ) which can find holes to 0.01mm. Additionally there is a multi-head tester available for 40,000 untits / hr. The modular construction ensures low costs and reliability and the machines are custom build to match the most complex technical parts. Profile Solutions provides local and global support and training.

Products / Technology

  • Leak Detectors
    • 2LD Entry Level Model
    • 4LD Medium Level Model
    • 6LD High Speed Leak Detectors
    • 30 LD Drum Leak Tester
    • Travelling Head Leak Testers
    • Multi Head Leak Detectors
    • Technical Part Leak Testers



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