Encore Custom Preforms Ltd.

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Founded 2003
Headquarters Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Website www.encorecustompreforms.com

Company Profile

Located in Mississauga, Canada the company Encore Custom Preforms Ltd. is specialized in the design and molding of custom preforms, using a fully automated high-speed injection molding process. Encore has the experience and capabilities to supply preforms to a wide range of customers throughout the region.

A skilled team guarantees high quality products to deliver preforms quickly and reliably. Encore has the capability to meet customer requirements for preform quantity, colors, and dimensions anytime.

Founded 2003 by a group of three entrepreneurs, Encore has grown to a leader in the industry, dedicated to design and mold preforms from a variety of polymers and bio-polymers. The company serves the dairy, food, beverage, alcohol, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, detergent and general purpose markets. Encore offers flexible order quantities from as low as 10,000 parts to high volume orders in the millions. Encore has the ability to provide a broad selection of over 84 different preforms with different neck finishes, gram-weights, and shapes and has the capability to manufacture preforms in a range of colors and specialty additives. Encore offers preforms made of PET as well as R-PET and PLA bio-polymers, as a part of our effort to reduce the carbon footprint. Encore Custom Preforms is FDA/IMS Certified and operates under present GMP manufacturing standards.

Encore decided to phase out older equipment and acquired state-of-the-art, high-speed injection molding machinery to increase production, focusing to stay ahead of the competition with current technology and to meet market demands.

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