PET Engineering


P.E.T. Engineering S.r.l.
Headquarters San Vendemiano, Treviso, Italy

Company Profile

PET Engineering is a company specialised in the design and industrialization of PET containers. PET Engineering offers services from preform design to the design of containers, from the prototyping service and laboratory test to the suitable industrialization of the containers right through the complete start-up of the lines with the supply of blow moulds and line conversion services.

Products / Services

Design to packaging

  • Designs of new concepts, ergonomics with eye-catching lines and functional solutions. More than 10.000 bottle designs done so far.
  • Consultancy: Before starting designing the bottle, P.E.T. Engineering provides its clients with an in-depth technical guidance, based on the experience gained during the years. The company's analyses include the study of: the content, the lines, bottles handling, raw material and the necessity of cutting costs. The client is also supported in the event of format changes and neck finish conversions.Thus, the company offers excellent Light-weighting solutions working on the weight reduction of the existing products, neck finish conversions and any kind of support related to the industrialization of the container.
  • Prototyping: P.E.T. Engineering is able to present the client the first bottle few hours after drawing approval. The project becomes a real object.The sample prototyping service allows the client to see, in a short period of time, the final product and test it directly on their lines thanks to the big quantity of bottles that can be blown in record time. If specifically requested, P.E.T. Engineering technicians will supervise the prototyping phase at the client’s premises.
  • Laboratory tests and R&D: All projects are tested in our laboratory, which is equipped with cutting edge technology. We develop specific tests to verify if the container meets all legal requirements, capacities and contractual specifications.
  • Production and customizing of moulds: P.E.T. Engineering produces moulds for any type of container and blowing machine. An efficient quality control system guarantees the compliance of the blowing moulds to the qualitative parameters required by the customer.
  • Start up assistance and training

Engineering services

P.E.T. Engineering has created a Business Unit with the target to help companies preserve the value of their production machines in order to reduce costs, energy and environmental hazards.

  • Neck finish conversion P.E.T. Engineering provides integrated solutions for the quick carrying out of conversions of any kind of neck finish.
  • Restyling: I.S.O.S. (Intelligent service on site): I.S.O.S is a new range of services studied by P.E.T. Engineering in order to maintain the efficiency of the mould, damaged by an intensive use and little maintenance, and to guarantee the renewal of the packaging without producing a new mould series.
  • Upgrading: Polaris with a modular solution, to update old blowing machines and make them more performing, allowing to blow light-weighted containers with significant savings in raw material.


A complete PET Engineering light-weighting project for a new container consists of:

  • Studying and improving the preform design
  • Designing the container
  • Manufacturing a pilot mould
  • Samples blowing
  • Laboratory tests to verify the mechanical performances of the new container
  • Designing and manufacturing the machine parts involved in the neck finish conversion * and/or in the implementation of Polaris
  • • Manufacturing the blow mould series and start-up of the new light-weighted container.


PET Engineering was founded in 1999


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