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Integrated Plastics is the original developer and global leader in the design and delivery of IMH™ Bottles and IMH™ Preforms (IMH: Integrally Moulded Handle).

The company understood the Environmental need, consumer demand and increasing governmental pressure that required an environmentally sustainable product that not only competes with but removes the need for all existing non recyclable and semi recyclable packaging from the food and beverage sector. In a partnership with Tru Blu Beverages Australia, Integrated Plastics developed a solution to satisfy that demand. Integrated Plastics teamed up with the worlds leading machine and mould manufacturers to optimize the IMH™ Bottle program. Optimisation of preforms and bottle design are done to ensure maximum gains in material efficiency and reduction in cost due to unnecessary waste.

2008 the company launched the worlds first 4ltr IMH™ PET Bottle followed a 1ltr IMH™ Bottle and 2ltr IMH Bottle for Fruit Cordial Concentrates and Long Life Juice. After 10 year period of constant improvement, prototyping and refinement it is ensured that the Integrally Moulded Handle (IMH) Bottle is now a feature on the shelves of all major beverage retailers in Australia.

Products / Technology

IMH™ Bottles are a unique and sustainable solution that offers bottlers and converters a proven and cost effective solution.

The IMH™ bottles consistently deliver savings greater than 15% when compared to Inserted Handle and extruded packaging alternatives and with a handle shear strength exceeding 25kg insures the IMH™ Bottle is suitable to a broader range of applications.

The 2 stage Rotary Blow Moulding system offers higher line speed, better quality and perfect neck sealing properties.

IMH™ bottles and handles can be exclusively designed to a customers preference, perfect for food applications like Edible Oil, Dairy and Fresh Juice as well as non food liquids where product weight exceed 5kg. The IMH™ PET Bottle offers an Environmentally responsible, 100% recyclable product that is ergonomic in function and eye catching in design.



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