Founded 1994
Headquarters Wetteren, Belgium

Company Profile

The core business of Resilux N.V. is the production of PET preforms and bottles for the use with water, soft drinks, edible oils, ketchup, detergents, milk, beer, fruit, juices, etc.

Resilux supplies a complete range of PET preforms with a wide variety of weights, colours and sizes for the most diverse applications. The company produces standard dimensions and designs tailor-made models. Preform weights vary from 10.5 grams to 121 grams. The enterprise develops and supplies suitable PET one layer or multiple layer preforms for every liquid product.

On request Resilux produces preforms made from recycled material.

The Resilux Research & Development Centers continually is working to further improve quality, increase the barriers of PET and to optimise preform and bottle designs. R&D is done in the company's own laboratories in Belgium and USA or on client location to provides a better understanding of processing in practice.

Resilux works in close cooperation with some well-known European Universities.

Products / Technology

The company offers PET preforms and bottles for a wide variety of end markets including food, drinks and non-food, like personal care, cosmetics, pharma and household products.

  • PET preforms
  • PET bottles standard
  • PET bottles custom


  • 1994 – Resilux Packaging West Europe
  • 1997 – Resilux Iberica Packing SA
  • 1998 – Resilux Volga
  • 2000 – Resilux Packaging South Euope
  • 2001 – Resilux Schweiz AG and Resilux America, LLC
  • 2002 – Resilux Central Europe Packaging Kft.


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