Plastic Systems S.p.A.


Plastic Systems S.p.A. Italy
Founded 1964
Headquarters Borgoricco, Italy

Company Profile

Plastic Systems S.p.A. is an Italian concern and one of the international leading designers, manufacturers and sellers of machinery in the sector of plastics processing. The company is experienced in the sectors of dehumidification, plastic granules transportation and the mixing and processing of plastic polymers in general. Plastic Systems offers also include the design of special systems tailored to the customer’s specifications. The enterprise has expanded during the last twenty years and is present in Italy, Brazil and China with production plants and business offices.

Products / Technology

  • machinery for feeding and transportation
  • Dryers
  • dosing units
  • granulators
  • storage systems
  • mixers
  • crystallizers


  • 1994 – incorporation of Plastic systems
  • 1997 – start up of international business
  • 2002 – new headquarter in Borgoricco, Italy, extension of production range
  • 2005 – enlargement of headquarter
  • 2006 – opening production plant in Shanghai/China and a new office in Mumbai/India
  • 2008 - enlargement of production area for components
  • 2012 - opening production plant in São Paulo/Brazil
  • 2013 – lean production and SAP implementaion
  • 2014 – completion of lean production plant and organisation of production lines new building for the headquarters, transformig Mumbai office into production plant


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