Founded 1984
Founder Marija and Stanko Zver
Headquarters Križevci pri Ljutomeru, Slovenia

Company Profile

Vipoll was established 1984 by Marija and Stanko Zver in Križevci pri Ljutomeru in former Jugoslavia and became a leading manufacturer of filling technologies and filling lines in Europe. The company offers services from analysis to engineering, selection of components and integration, to installation and visualization for filling into glass bottles, PET or cans, from single machines to complete lines. The filling lines are designed for a capacity between 1,000 – 45,000 cases per hour. Vipoll offers developement of their own products, design, installation and start-up of the complete equipment.

Products / Technology

  • filling machines
  • rinser
  • capper
  • bottle/can conveyors
  • bottle washing machines
  • sterilizer
  • used machines


  • 1984 - Marija and Stanko Zver established private workshop for the manufacturing of pumps of wineries.
    • Development of special glass bottle-dishwashers for beverages
  • 1991 – present company Vipoll d.o.o. established
  • 1992-94 – development fully of fully automated wine bottle sterilisation machines
  • 1996 – first long tube models of rotation filler and capper
  • 1998 – development and manufacturing of filling machines with electronically operated long tube filling valves followed by implementation of a short tube design with mechanically operated design
  • 2001 - first filling block with a rinser, electro-pneumatic short tube filling valve and screw-lockable for filling PET bottles is manufactured within Vipoll‘s own production line
  • 2003 - Vipoll took over the responsibility as distributor of machines and started providing container carriers with system control from its own production line
  • 2004 - first filling block for fruit juice, hot and carbonized beverages known as „cold filling“ manufactured
  • 2005 - manufacturing site and headquarter of Vipoll in Križevci pri Ljutomeru is rebuilt and reconstructed
  • 2008 – first Visitron can filler for beer is maanufactured


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