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Guangzhou Jeepine
Headquarters Guangzhou, China

Company Profile

Guangzhou Jeepine Intelligent Compression Moulding Machine Co.,Ltd is a public listed company and was established in October 2008, in Guangzhou Science&Technology Enterprises Accelerator Town. The company is dedicated to high-efficiency and cost-saving compressing molding technology.

Jeepine holds nearly 100 national patents, committed to the National-Torch-Program and National Innovation Fund and has participated in many technology development projects.

Jeepine is one of the national standard setters in china's compression molding equipment industries, obtained many honorable titles like the Nation HighTech Enterprise, Guangdong's provincial High-Tech Product and the Guangzhou Advanced Award For Progress In Science & Technology.

Jeepine has been accepted by many well-know and market-leading beverage manufacturers such as Wuliangye, Mengniu, COFCO and HuiYuan. The company also entered the market of Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, South Korea, US, etc. and is contributing to various packaging industry,including beverage,pharmaceutical,cosmetics and daily commodities.

In july 2015, the company Jeepine announced listing on NEEQ.

Compared with injection bottle cap molding machiery ,jeepine cap compression molding machine have following advantages:

  • shorter cycle time(2 seconds) and therefore higher productivity
  • less energy consumption (overall energy savings per cap can be as high as 45%)
  • high specific density
  • cap high consistency
  • easy and flexible maintenance
  • quick color changeovers
  • less material waste

Products and Services

  • plastic bottle closures compression moulding machinery


  • 2008 - founded
  • 2009 - 1st generation 24 cavity CCM
  • 2010 - listed in National Spark Program of China
  • 2011 - listed in National Innovation Fund
  • 2012 - developed 1st generation 36 cavities CCM
  • 2013 - 2nd generation of 24 cavities CCM
    • became supplier of Wulianye
  • 2014 - recognized as National Hi-Tech Enterprise
    • 2nd generation 36 cavities CCM
    • became supplier of Mengniu
  • 2015 - listed in NEEQ stock market
    • developed 3rd generation of 24 cavity CCM, exported to Korea
  • 2016 - National CCM standard drafter
    • developed 3rd generation 36 cavities CCm
  • 2017 - passed ISO 9001:2015
    • 4th generation of 24 cavities CCM
  • 2018 - developed 48 cavities CCM
    • won scientific and technology awards from GDMES institution
    • became supplier of Taiji Group
  • 2019 - developed 5th generation CCM
    • holds more than 130 patents
  • 2020 - developed 2nd generation 48 cavities CCM
  • 2021 - became supplier of Jinfu Group and Yuanqi Senlin Group
  • 2022 - developed tethered cao and 54 cavities CCM


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