Nissei ASB


Nissei ASB
Founded 1978
Headquarters Komoro, Nagano, Japan

Company Profile

Nissei ASB Machine Co. Ltd, with its headquarters in Komoro, Nagano, Japan, engages in the production of moulding processes for injection stretch blow molded plastic containers. Nissei ASB supports single-stage, two-stage processes and a process in between the two, the so-called 1,5 process.

Nissei ASB has a worldwide network of offices and plants in Europe, America and Asia.

Products / Technology

  • Single-stage machinery: ASB series
  • 1,5-stage machinery: PF series
  • Two-stage machinery: HSB series
  • Preform moulding: PM series
  • Preform neck cristallizer machinery:CM series


  • Nov. 1978 - Nissei ASB Machine CO., LTD. founded in Sakaki town, Nagano prefecture
  • Jan. 1979 - Patented injection stretch blow molding machine, the base of the biaxial orientation stretch blow molding machine.
  • Jul. 1995 - PF Series 1.5-step PET injection stretch blow molding machine, PM Series 2-step preform molding machine, NB Series 2-step blow molding machine, and HS Series 2-step hot-fill bottle blow molding machine released.
  • Aug. 2007 - ASB-15N/10E, the world's first 1-step all electric injection stretch blow molding machine launched.
  • Feb. 2009 - PM-70/65NII 2-step high-speed preform molding machine released.
  • Mar. 2009 - HSB-6N and HSB-4N 2-step hot-fill bottle blow molding machines released.
  • Jun. 2010 - ASB-150DPW, 1-step injection stretch blow molding machine for mass production released.
  • Sep. 2011 - HSB-6M 2-step hot-fill jar blow molding machine released.
  • Sep. 2013 - PF24-8B, 1-step injection stretch blow molding machine for mass production released.


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