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P.E. Labellers S.p.A.
Founded 1974
Founders Bruno Negri and Mario Ballarotti
Number of employees
Website www.pelabellers.com

Company Profile

P.E. Labellers S.p.A is a company specialized in designing and producing leading labelling machines, using all the existing technologies (cold glue, self-adhesive, hot melt, roll-fed and combination systems) and suggesting new ones. The company is based in Porto Mantovano, Italy. For fourty years, P.E. Labellers is present in the Italian market with a high number of references but 95% of the sales revenue comes from exports. P.E. labelling machines are exported all over the world. The company has more than 10.000 rotary and linear labellers installed on the international market, with a medium turnover of 60 million euro per year.

Products / Technology

P.E. Labellers offers labelling machines of any sort and any size. Automatic rotary and linear labellers are suitable for any kind of application at any production speed (from 60 to 1.300 bpm). We also offer small semi-automatic labellers and a wide range of products perfect to satisfy any kind of enquiry.


P.E. Labellers can propose labellers with all labelling systems available on the market:

  • Cold glue labelling machines
  • Self-adhesive labelling machines
  • Hot melt labelling machines for precut label application
  • Hot melt labelling machines for label application from reel (roll-fed)
  • Roll-fed labelling machines for pre-glued linerless label application
  • 100% modular labelling machines using different labelling systems
  • Sleeve labelling applicators


  • Modularity: Labelling machines with universal machine central body able to handle all the currently available labelling systems, allowing its users to decide which labelling station to install, when to install it and whether to install labelling units as fixed (peninsular) or modular (trolley) fittings
  • Ergonomic safety guards allowing greater accessibility for all the maintenance and change over operations and guaranteeing total levels of safety for the operators
  • Integrated servomotors for the rotation of the bottle plates
  • Optical centring systems of the containers by means of cameras and photocells
  • Automatic lubrication systems (ordinary maintenance operations removed)
  • No-stop systems without line stops.
  • Programmable changeovers.
  • Unsteady containers labelling systems ("pucks")
  • Pre-glued labels application system: Adhesleeve technology



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