Magic MP spa
Headquarters Monza, Italy

Company Profile

Since 1959 the company MAGIC mp s.p.a. has been active in the market, being committed to building plastic extrusion/blow-moulding machines, installations and plants for plastic material.

Located in Monza, Italy, MAGIC relies on ongoing research on and development of new options and technological solutions to provide a high quality standard, which means that each machine is planned on a personal basis, satisfying individual requirements and covering the market according to product category, finished product dimensions, worked plastic material and working procedure.

MAGIC took an active part in outlining the recommendation 46.1 (Energy efficiency of extrusion blow moulding machines) of EUROMAP (Europe’s Association for plastics and rubber machinery manufacturers), working with Università di Bergamo for 18 months. MAGIC‘S systems comply with EUROMAP recommendations and fall within the most stringent parameters thereof.

The company has extensive experience with the full-electric extrusion blow molding machines and single-stage injection stretch blow molding machines and has introduced the first mechatronic machine, a machine of a simple concept that combines an affordable price in relation to quality and technology and is offered through components and manufacturing made in Europe.

In 2013 MAGIC introduced a new machine which with electromechanical process and movements and hybrid or electric injection. These machines combines customer-focused technology, which brings many benefits, ranging from energy savings to equipment savings taking in account the cost of the moulds that has significant impact on the cost of the machine and it’s payback in production.

MAGIC North America HQ

By early 2019 MAGIC opened their HQ in Canton, Michigan, USA with sales office, spare parts, class training and technical support.

Products / Technology

  • electric Extrusion Blow Moulding machines
  • hydraulic Extrusion Blow Moulding machines
  • Injection stretch blow moulding machines for PET


  • 1959 – the company started production
  • 1960 – Piero Giacobbe renamed the company to MAGIC mp s.p.a.
  • 1995 – Ferruccio Giacobbe took the lead of the company.
  • 1997 – Magic‘s first fully electric machine was brought on the market
  • 2000 – Launch of the EP series of machines
  • 2005 – development of the hybrid technology of MAGIC machinery
  • 2006 – introduction of the company‘s ME series, a series of small and simple machines
  • 2008 – introduction of the UE hybrid blow moulding machines
  • 2009 – Davide Giacobbe Ferlesi joind the Board of Directors
  • 2010 – new range of electric blow moulding machines with clamping forces from 180 kNup to 500 kN
  • 2011 – new long-stroke ME-LS series of machines
  • 2013 – introduced the first single-stage 100% electric machine of the industry


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