Founded 2015
Headquarters Ludwigshafen, Germany
Number of employees
220 (2023)

Company Profile

The company trinamiX was planted inside BASF SE, the world’s largest chemical company. In 2015 trinamiX GmbH was spun off and founded as a wholly owned subsidiary of BASF to turn this discovery into a solution.

Since then, trinnamiX has grown from a start-up to an enterprise employing more than 220 dedicated specialists in areas like software development, machine learning, sensor production, engineering, sales, business development and many more around the world. Dedication and expertise allowed to transform research into a solution portfolio benefiting consumers and customers across industries alike.

Beside the expertise in Face Authentication and Consumer Spectroscopy Solutions the company developed the Mobile NIR Spectroscopy, that enables customers across a broad range of industries by delivering actionable insights into a growing number of materials and substances, helping organizations of all sizes to improve their decision making, e.g., during incoming goods inspections.

One of the major challenges on our path towards a circular economy is the lack of high-quality recycling worldwide. Key piece to establishing circularity lies in the first step of the recycling process: a clean on-the-spot sorting of plastic waste.

By enabling flexible plastic identification at the push of a button, trinamiX's solution ensures clean plastics waste streams across recycling facilities worldwide. The Mobile NIR Spectroscopy Solution combines mobile hardware, data analysis, and material expertise to identify and distinguish a broad range of plastic types. trinamiX integrated a proven technology into a handheld solution for remote analysis, consisting of:

  • a high-performance NIR spectrometer that detects a broad range of plastic types
  • an easy-to-use app backed by advanced cloud data analysis for fast results even without an internet connection
  • a customer portal to manage results, download reports and export data
  • a detailed support portal that provides comprehensive answers to customer questions

Products / Technology

  • Face Authentication
  • Consumer Spectroscopy
  • Mobile Spectroscopy
  • IR Detectors




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