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Headquarters Essen, Germany
Website www.cph-group.com

Company Profile

cph Deutschland Chemie is a privately owned medium-sized chemical company that is specialized in the development, manufacture and sale of industrial adhesives. The company is part of the internationally active cph group, an international group of companies which is a global market leader in the area of label adhesives and operates in more than 70 countries, manufactures more than 300 different industrial adhesives in three production plants and exports them to more than 100 countries.

cph Deutschland covers all applications in the labeling industries on glass, PET, sheet PVC, PE etc. with casein, starch, hot melt and dispersion adhesives. In addition there are numerous applications of paper/cardboard binding in the packaging industries, wood and film lamination in the furniture industry and in pallet stabilization. The cigarette and manufacturers of baby diapers rely on cph, too.

cph exports their products to over 100 countries. In the field of label glue, the company is a world market leader: about 10,000 bottles are labeled with our adhesives every second.

cph constantly monitors the market, identifying needs and constantly testing products and regularly brings innovations to the market. The company generates 40 percent of their sales with products that are less than three years old.

To ensure a high quality level, quality management is installed according to DIN ISO 9001.

Since 1984 cph is offering biodegradable adhesives. The company pioneered in zinc and borax-free label adhesives and has won numerous environmental awards.

Products / Technology

  • Water-based adhesives based on:
    • casein
    • starch
    • hybrids
    • synthetics
  • Hot Melts
    • based on EVA and APAO/Metalocene for the packaging, mattress, cigarette industry and other applications
    • filled and unfilled products for the wood processing industry
    • PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesives)


  • 1975 – company founded
  • 1977 – start of production of cellulose and starch based adhesive
  • 1983 – development of first biodegradable labelling adhesive
  • 1990 – market leader of labeling adhesives
  • 1993 – DIN EN ISO 9001 certified
  • 1995 – first german company to have European Eco Audit certified through EMAS
  • 1998 – first overseas production site in Barnaul, Russia
  • 1999 – foundation of cph industries
    • Moscow first production facility in the Ukraine
  • 2000 – expansion of the production facility in Essen
  • 2010 – launch of the „cph Labelling Academy“
  • 2012 – completion of the producition and development facility in Essen
  • 2013 – development of the first biodegradable hot-melt adhesives
  • 2014 – new hot melt plant in Essen
  • 2015 – foundation of cph Penta in Italy


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