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Vacuum Barrier
Headquarters Woburn (Massachusetts), USA

Company Profile

Vacuum Barrier designs, engineers and fabricates LN2 dosing and piping systems for Food & Beverage, Semiconductor, MBE, Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Beer, Wine, Coffee and Cannabis industries. The company provides custom and standard solutions for all LN2 handling applications, and has worked to position themselves as a one-source for a complete LN2 system.

Vacuum Barrier's continued commitment to deliver safe and defect-free products while achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction has allowed them to remain the leader in LN2 dosing and LN2 piping systems for 60 years.

Products / Technology

  • LN2 Dosing
    • Design, engineering and manufacturing of liquid nitrogen dosing systems to pressurize thin-wall packages, or displace oxygen to extend product shelf life.

A precise droplet of liquid nitrogen dispensed into the package, vaporizes and expands to fill the headspace forcing nitrogen into the solution and pressurizing the bottle. To inert the headspace the vapor is allowed to expand, prior to sealing, pushing out oxygen and extending shelf life.

  • LN2 Piping
    • Vacuum jacketed dynamic and sealed SEMIFLEX LN2 pipe delivers LN2 at bulk tank pressure in two-phase condition for on-demand supply.

The liquid/vapor phase separators deliver low pressure LN2 to each use point for on-demand supply. Combined with SEMIFLEX Triax LN2 pipe eliminates two-phase flow to all use points.

  • LN2 Applications
    • Food & Beverage
    • Semiconductor & MBE
    • Pharmaceutical & Biotech
    • Beer, Wine & Coffee
    • Cannabis
    • Pouch/Flexible Packaging



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