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Vaccum Barrier
Headquarters Woburn, USA

Company Profile

For over 60 years Vacuum Barrier from Woburn, USA designs, engineers and fabricates LN2 dosing and piping systems for the food and beverage, semiconductor, MBE, pharmaceutical, biotech, beer, wine, coffee and cannabis industries.

The company‘s Nitrodose® Liquid Nitrogen injection system provides a precise dosing to add strength to lidhtweight packaging in non-carbonated beverages and displace oxygen to extend shelf life. The vacuum jacketed dynamic and seald Semiflex LN2 pipe delivers LN2 in two-phase condition for on-demand supply. Liquid/vapor phase seperators deliver low pressure LN2 for on-demand supply.

Working closely with field experts allows Vacuum Barrier to provide innovative solutions for their customers.

Products / Technology

  • LN2 Dosing
  • LN2 Piping


  • Food & Beverage
  • Semiconductor
  • MBE
  • Pharmaceutical/Biotech
  • Beer/Wine



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