Headquarters Loreto, Italy

Company Profile

SIMEX is a company from Italy, based in Loreto and is working in the field of PET packaging for over 25 years, providing customers their experience on production of moulds and equipments for preforms and bottle production.

Simex stands out for creativity in the study and complete product development, finding the best compromise between aesthetics and mechanical performance. The design of the container as a vehicle of communication is the winning image of its customers. The industrialization of the product allows its customers to be efficient and competitive.

Additionally, Simex offers complete refurbishment and conversion of preform moulds and general maintenance.

This company's products see a careful processing phase that includes various steps: first of all a thorough study of the product, the design and the analysis of the product, engineering and industrialization of the product according to specific technical parameters such as the optimization of the product, the research of the best compromise between design and industrial production, theoretical volumetric calculations, mechanical calculation by FEM if requested, possible corrections and the development of the technical working drawing after the costumer’s approval for production.

SIMEX projects in its technical office blow moulds suitable for every blow moulding machine. If necessary technicians can carry out an inspection at the plant of the customer for possible measurements.

Engineering phase is comprehensive of final drawings edited in conformity with UNI standards.

Following tests can be made by the SIMEX laboratory within the costs of the moulds manufacture: 1. dimensional test 2. volumetric test 3. top load test 4. weight 5. comparative test toward existing products

The production moulds are completely manufactured within SIMEX production unit in order to assure the highest secrecy of the project until it will be placed on the market.

Products / Technology

  • Preforms
  • Containers
  • Maintenance and conversions
  • Injection systems


SIMEX can boast of a staff highly-specialised in the construction of injection moulds for plastics and in particular in the engineering and construction of injection and blow moulds for the production of preforms and bottles in PET. Due to over 20 years experience in this specific sector, SIMEX is a reference point for its clients who are accustomed to a complete service from the initial technical consultation to a post-sales assistance . simex excel for the creativity in the complete study and development of our product, finding the best comprise between mechanical performance and aesthetic.


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