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The company CHP was founded 1997 in Beveren, Belgium. Today it is a leading innovative engineering and manufacturing company that offers sustainable and productive global conveyor lubrication solutions with a minimized ecological footprint.

CHP uses advanced technologies to respond to the ever-increasing demands of customers for more effective conveyor dry lubrication solutions with higher efficiencies at a lower operating cost.

CHP designs, manufactures, installs and services their lubrication systems, ranging from small-scaled installations up to large turnkey projects. In addition the company also provides a wide range of associated products and services including automation and control systems, maintenance, on site lubrication management and spare parts supply.

CHP MicroDry® conveyor lubrication systems are operated in 1500 production lines in 720 factories in 78 countries world wide.

Products / Technology

  • MicroDry® Air
    • MicroDry® Air is a patented dry coating system for PET air conveyors used in the beverage, dairy and brewery industry
  • MicroDry® Slat
    • MicroDry® Slat is a patented dry lubrication system for mechanical conveyor belts used in the beverage, dairy and brewery industry
  • MicroDry® All-In-One
    • MicroDry® All-In-One is a patented dry lubrication & cleaning system for mechanical conveyors, used in the beverage, dairy and brewery industry


  • DLT-333® - patented conveyor lubricant
  • CLA-252 - high performing cleaning agent



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