Founded 1867
Headquarters Hartenstein, Germany

Company Profile

ECKART was founded in 1876 by Carl Eckart and is today a leading international manufacturer of metallic pigments for the paints and coatings industry, the graphic arts industry, the plastics, lightweight concrete industries and the cosmetics industry. The product range encompasses all kinds of metallic effect pigments and even press-ready metallic printing inks. Pearlescent pigments rounds off the range.

The company‘s portfolio enables their customers a comprehensive range of effect pigments for every requirement.

ECKART attaches particular importance to personal service and expert applications consulting. The global presence enables the company to identify customer requirements at an early stage and to react quickly and flexibly. Intensive research and development activities create special products and innovative solutions with constant improvements in a wide variety of fields.

Products / Technology

Metallic pigments for:

  • Paint and coating industry
  • Graphic arts industry
  • Plastics industry
  • Lightweight concrete industry
  • Cosmetic industry


  • 1876 - Carl Eckart opens a small goldbeating shop in Fuerth (Germany)
  • 1892 - Carl Eckart company is entered in the Commercial Register
  • 1897 - Industrial manufacturing methods replace the manual production of gold bronze
  • 1920 - Production of bronze powder begins in Güntersthal near Velden to the east of Nuremberg (Germany)
  • 1928 - first plant for the production of aluminum powder built
  • 1945 - ECKART manufacturing site in Güntersthal covers a total area of 600.000 m²
  • 1955 - MEPOSA Metalli in Polvere S.p.A. is founded in Milan, Italy with production facilities in Porto Marghera (aluminum powders and pastes)
  • 1959 - opens its own research department
    • DORAL Metallpulverfabrik is founded in Vétroz in Switzerland
  • 1973 - Ohio Bronze Powder Company (OBRON) in Painesville, Ohio, USA is acquired (today: ECKART America)
  • 1982 – a factory is built in Wackersdorf for the production of aluminum powders and pastes
  • 1984 - ECKART U.K. is founded as a sales office in London (later moves to Luton)
  • 1985 - ECKART increase their holding in MEPOSA Metalli in polvere (today Eckart Italia) to 100%
  • 1990 - Production of metallic pigmented printing inks commences
  • 1992 - the locations in Fürth, Güntersthal and Wackersdorf acquire DIN EN ISO 9001 certification
  • 1995 - new generation of environment-friendly products makes its appearance
  • 1997 - factory for the production of aluminum powders and pastes is acquired from the American Reynolds Metals Company
    • ECKART America L.P. headquartered in Painesville, Ohio is founded in conjunction with OBRON
  • 1998 - ECKART take over the pearlescent pigments sector and production facility in Pori, Finland, of the Finnish chemicals group Kemira Oy, Helsinki
    • formation of ECKART Finland
    • EJ Chemicals Co. Ltd. is formed as a joint venture by JEBSEN and ECKART
  • 2001 - ECKART celebrates its 125th anniversary
  • 2002 - new Eckart Italia paste factory in Rivanazzano
  • 2003 - new powder coatings bonding center in Guentersthal
  • 2004 - new paste production center in Guentersthal
  • 2005 - ALTANA Chemie closed the acquisition of the ECKART group
  • 2007 - ECKART acquires effect pigments business from Wolstenholme Group Ltd., UK


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