Vetromeccanica S.r.L.
Headquarters Provazzano di Neviano Arduini, Parma, Italy
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Vetromeccanica Srl, Italy, has been engineering and producing bottles conveyors since 1989. Starting as a glass bottle conveyors manufacturer Vetromeccanica has been continuously extending its field of expertise. In the ’90s the company entered the global market of air conveyors for PET bottles. The company offers nowadays a comprehensive range of conveyors for both primary and secondary packaging. Conveyable products go from yoghurt cups to toothpaste tubes varying from beverage, food, dairy, home&personal care and chemical industry.


Vetromeccanica is specialized in conveying solutions. Customisation is one of the key factors of our success as well as our very specific Know-how and our focus on our clients needs.

Regarding PET handling, we designe and manufacture special air conveyor branded with AirTech.

The ruggedly constructed AirTech air conveyors are built from thick gauge stainless steel in order to stand up under the most demanding industrial conditions. Air conveyor segments are freestanding and load tested for maximum structural stability. Wherever system routing conditions require special mounting, such as along ceilings, high above walls, floor, our air conveyors utilize appropriate structural supports that guarantee sufficient structural integrity of the plant.

The AirTech air conveyors are single chamber plenums of square cross-section, supporting a bottle channel lower face. The plenum cross sectional area is great enough such that air velocity within the chamber is close to zero. Thus, the static air pressure exhibits almost no loss along the air conveyor length. Local air pressure spikes near fan ports are eliminated by the use of short horizontal baffles at the blower mouths. For cleaning purposes the plenum segments feature bolt-on inspection covers every meter ca. The covers are airtight sealed with rubber gaskets.

Empty PET bottles hang from their neck rings on two parallel rails, moreover the Vetromeccanica's omega profile helps preventing blockages even in case of even conveyor section. Air from the plenum is directed onto the bottles’ finish with a forward-facing vector from jet openings placed at regular intervals along the omega’s internal walls. This air jet is sufficient for accelerating all bottle sizes at speeds from 0m/s to 4m/s ca. in level conveyor sections, as well as for pushing bottles up maximum 10° inclines. Air conveyor lengths are divided into independent segments of not more than 10m; vertical end plates seal one segment’s air plenum from the abutting segment’s plenum.

Special application designed and patented by Vetromeccanica srl called EMD.

it is a pneumatic device to adjust automatically the body guides of air conveyors, reducing dramatically the change over time.

EMD patented device for automatically change over



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