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Sukano, Schinelleggi, Switzerland, is developing and producing functional and optical masterbatches, special compounds and blends for improving the properties of bio and oil based plastics for the plastics manufacturing industry. Sukanooffers products for market applications in rigid films, thin films and coatings, sheets, containers and bottles, filaments and offers a new biopolymer masterbatch and polymer alloy series of products for increasing the performance of PLA. The Company holds numerous additive patents.Headquartered in Switzerland, it is a family-owned business with a global distribution network and three production facilities strategically located in Europe, the Americas and Asia.

Products / Technology

For PET bottle manufacture, Sukano offers the following options:

Blown bottles:

Blown bottles have to meet many requirements for best performance in their individual applications. Sukano offers a broad range of masterbatches and compounds to custom-design the functional and optical properties

  • UV masterbatches extended and reliable UV content protection, without altering the original colour tone.
  • White masterbatches gives highest possible opacity while maintaining excellent dispersion.
  • Optical Brighteners: e.g. colour adjustments of recycled PET to give it a more neutral appearance.
  • Colour Masterbatches: e.g.amber for pharmaceutical packaging.

Milk bottles

Milk bottles have to meet many requirements for best performance in their individual applications. Sukano White Masterbatches for milk bottles offer:

  • High opacity at low masterbatch dosage due to a very high additive loading
  • Cost savings using reheat function
  • Low dusting products increase productivity and improve cost efficiency
  • Excellent dispersion of additives

Parts & devices

Parts & devices have to meet many requirements for best performance in their individual applications. Sukano offers :

  • Mould release agents offer improved and easy filling of cavities during moulding, reduced need for injection pressure as well as shortened cycle time and easy demoulding
  • Nucleating agents for standard, low cost homo PP
  • UV masterbatches give goods sensitive to UV exposure prolonged shelf-life


Sukano offers masterbatches for recycled Polyester (RPET). Sukano has developed this series of specific masterbatches to allow the integration of virgin Polyester properties into Polyester that has been recycled many times:

  • Optical brighteners reset the colour tone of recycled material from yellowish to neutral
  • Impact modifiers improve the toughness of recycled Polyester in converting processes like stamping, die cutting or folding. They also improve antisplice properties for straps made from RPET
  • Slip/Antiblock masterbatches for COF and blocking reduction with a minimum haze increase.
  • Colour masterbatches change the optical properties of recycled polyester into the desired colour and appearance.
  • Sukano melt strength enhancers react with the broken molecular chains in the recycled PET and restore them to almost their original strength. This increases viscosity and improves the mechanical properties, making the material easier to extrude and process downstream.


Founded in 1988, Sukano developed the state-of-the-art, market reference slip/antiblock additive masterbatch for PET film and sheet applications.


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