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Founded 2008
Founders Dr. Wolfgang Linder; Björn Linder; Ingo Linder
Headquarters Merseburg, Germany
Website www.apk-ag.de

Company Profile

APK is located in Merseburg, Germany. The company is specialized in the production of plastic granulates, using a wide variety of material flows. The company's efficient recycling process is called Newcycling®, allowing APK to provide very high quality granulates that can be used in a huge range of production applications. The company's vision is to produce plastic recyclates with properties close to virgin plastic, supporting the circular economy and saving a large share of energy that would be needed for the production of new plastics from oil. APK obtains sustainable, high-quality raw materials and is producing top quality products from waste. The company constantly develops further fields of application through sustainable research.

The solvent-based Newcycling® technology by APK enables to produce pure granulates with properties similar to virgin plastics from complex waste streams, like mixed plastic waste and multi-layer packaging, within a process that is economically and ecologically efficient. Compared to chemical recycling, the plastic is retained and does not have to be repolymerized using energy and cost-intensive processes.

APK's energy management is certified by DIN EN ISO 50001.


  • APK Mersalen® & Mersamid® granulates from the Newcycling® process for use in:
    • Flexible packaging
    • Injection molding for technical application
    • Labels/stickers
    • Films/laminates
  • APK granulate Mersalen® LDPE RCY from the mechanical recycling process, suitable both for extrusion and injection molding applications:
    • Pallets
    • Gras pavers
    • Construction foil
    • Pipes


  • 2008 - founded by Dr. Wolfgang Linder, Björn Linder and Ingo Linder
    • investors MIG Fonds and AT Newtec finance a pilot plant in Merseburg
  • 2011 - start of production
  • 2013 - the solvent-based Newcycling® process goes into trial operation
  • 2014 - introduction of Mersalen® ReCompound
  • 2015 - tests for the Newcycling® of plastic waste from the automotive industry
  • 2016 - successful production of the first pre-commercial quantities of PE, PA and aluminum on an industrial scale at the solvent-based Newcycling plant
  • 2018 - expansion of the plant in Merseburg


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