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Hallink RSB Inc.
Founded 1988
Headquarters Cambridge, Canada
Website www.hallink.com

Company Profile

Hallink RSB Inc. is based in Cambridge, Canada where it was incorporated in may 1988, provides turnkey solutions and services for ‚responsible‘ packaging and leading supplier of blow molds and change parts to the bottle manufacturing and bottling industry.

The Company offers full service operation, personalized service, assisting clients from idea conception to project completion, specializing in the manufacture of blow molds custom personalization / handling parts for customers in the food, beverage, healthcare and chemical industry with a focus on the ability to consistently meet critical lead times, continually improving innovation. Hallink delivers blow molds and change parts for virtually any rotary and linear platform, including Sidel, Krones, KHS, SIPA, SMI, Kosme and Tech-Long.

Their team is committed to providing tooling and equipment to the industry with pricing and delivery conducive to the growth of each client's market and bottom line.

Products / Technology

  • change parts
  • stretch blow moulds
  • standard components
  • preform moulding
  • SBM machine services
  • injection machine solutions


  • bottle design services



External links

Hallink Website