Mould & Matic Solutions


Mould & Matic Solutions GmbH
Founded 1960
Headquarters Micheldorf, Austria

Company Profile

Mould & Matic Solutions GmbH is one of the leading systems providers of turnkey projects for thermoforming, injection moulding and blow moulding technology and develops and manufactures the whole process chain, from the granulat and the final shaped bottle to the automated downstream process.

An expert team of service staff offers fast support. In addition members of the Mould & Matic Service Team help to ensure that startup of new machines is carried out smoothly.

Products / Technology

  • Thermoforming Moulds
  • Thermoforming Automation
  • Injection Moulding Packaging
  • Injection Moulding Medical Devices
  • Blowliner


  • 1960 - foundation of the mould shop within Greiner Packaging Group
  • 1995 - profit center "Greiner Mould & Machinery established, opening of the facility in Slusovice(CZ)
  • 1997 - development of thermoforming machine TR4
  • 2000 - Development of thermoforming machine TR3
  • 2002 - Kiefel AG in Germany acquires the rights for manufacturing and sales of these thermoforming machines
  • 2003 - Greiner Mould & Machinery becomes Mould & Matic Solutions
  • 2007 - Mould & Matic Solutions acting as a worldwide supplier of thermoforming lines and automation solutions
  • 2010 - Mould & Matic develops blow moulding technology
  • 2014 - HAIDLMAIR takes over Greiner Packaging
  • 2016 - Acquired by Kiefel GmbH, Freilassing, Germany, a member of Brückner Group


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