Headquarters Buenos Aires, Argentinia

Company Profile

Headquartered in Buenos Aires, Argentinia the company Moldintec manufactures molds for all brands of PET blow-molding machines.

With the company‘s Hybrid Concept Design (HCD) tooling solutions value is added to their clients by providing molds with the flexibility to adapt to a variety of blow-molding machines from different manufacturers.

The developments are focused on reaching the rated speeds of the blowing equipment even of the fastest in-line blowing machines, such as high-capacity blowing-filling blocks. HCD molds are conceived by combining physical-mechanical and operating conditions of more than one blow-molding machine, enabling Moldintec‘s molds to adapt better in multi-platform blow-molding operations.

Moldintec applies design customization for their own molds and those from other manufacturers offering a comprehensive blow-molding machine tooling equipment solution.

A complete stock of spare parts is kept and Moldintec also manufactures spare parts on-demand for third-party molds.

Products / Technology

  • PET blow moulds
  • Parts costumization
  • Spare parts
  • Conversions and retrofits for switching between blow-moulding machines
  • Ultra-low pressure blowing
  • Neo base CSD



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