Founded 1959
Headquarters Berlin, Germany

Company Profile

Bekum is a family run company, founded 1959 in Berlin, Germany is one of the most experienced companies in the industry producing blow moulding machines.

Today Bekum is a market leader due to continuity and management and a unique product range. The company can claim that all of the extrusion molded plastic bottles which are produced today are produced using technology which was originally invented and developed by Bekum. Since foundation the company has made countless inventions and patents that now rank among industry standards for blow molding machines.

As of today more than 18,000 machines where shipped worldwide. Bekum developes tailor made solutions for entire production lines to meet their customers requirements. More than 330 highly-qualified employees work at three plants in Berlin, Germany; Traismauer, Austria; and Williamston MI, USA,

In addition a global sales and service networks on every continent ensures customer proximity, high availability, and smooth production workflows.

Well-known automotive, beverage, cosmetic, medical, and chemical industry customers benefit from Bekum‘s services.

The company has streamlined their operation by bundling the production of the packaging and large blow molding systems in Traismauer, Austria, and by focusing on their core competencies in sales, customer service, engineering and product development in Berlin, Germany, allowing Bekum to execute orders even more effectively and to optimize customer requirements.

Products / Technology

  • Electric Blow Moulding Machines
  • Hydraulic Blow Moulding Machines
  • Hydraulic Large Blow Moulding Systems
  • Single Station Blow Moulder up to 1000 l


  • 1959 - Bekum founded in Berlin, Germany
    • Patent for “ring neck calibration”
  • 1960 - First blow molding machine for production of PVC bottles for edible oils
  • 1963 - Worldwide first “twin-station” blow molding machine
  • 1968 - Bekum established facility in Traismauer, Austria
  • 1975 - First commercial “3-layer co-extrusion” blow molding machine
  • 1976 - First blow molding machine for “6-layer co-extrusion”
  • 1979 - Bekum established North American facility in Williamston, MI, USA
  • 1984 - Gottfried Mehnert, Bekum’s founder received the “Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany”
  • 1985 - Lifetime Achievement Award – Blow Molding Division of the Society of Plastics Engineers
  • 1991 - Further development of “6-layer” technology to produce worldwide, the first automotive plastic fuel tanks
  • 1992 - First continuous “6-layer” co-extrusion head for production of automotive plastic fuel tanks
  • 1995 - First shuttle tandem blow demonstration at K-‘98
  • 1999 - Martin Stark, Bekum America’s Chairman elected to the Plastics Pioneers Association
  • 2004 - First multi-parison “6-layer” co-extrusion machine in tandem blow production
  • 2006 - Gottfried Mehnert, Bekum’s founder inducted into the PLASTICS HALL OF FAME. Mr. Mehnert was the first non-American to be honored as a member of the prestigious PLASTICS HALL OF FAME
    • Martin Stark, Bekum America’s Chairman received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Society of Plastics Engineers
  • 2007 - Introduction of the first “fully electric blow molding” machine
  • 2010 - Patent for the “C-Frame Closing” unit for electrical and hydraulic blow molding machines
  • 2015 - European production locations relocated to and focused in Traismauer, Austria
  • 2016 - New world headquarters in Berlin
  • 2018 - First magnetic quick change system for blow molding machines
  • 2018 - Martin Stark, Bekum America’s Chairman elected to the PLASTICS HALL OF FAME
  • 2019 - Plant expansion Bekum America
  • 2019 - Presentation of the new machine generation Concept 808
  • 2019 - 150 years experience: 60 years Berlin, 50 years Traismauer, 40 years Williamston


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